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In just a few days since my live video on ’10 Interview Tips To Get You That Job’ one of our HR Nigeria Facebook Group members has gotten a job!
Not just any job but a high paying 6 figure job and beat 15 other people at it. Yipee!

Despite 100s of people indicating interest, very few watched the live video, a few more replayed it. I even got feedback suggesting that the 1hr plus video put some people off as it was assumed it would eat up too much data, while in actual fact the entire video was only 200MB which is about N200 worth.

Well yesterday, I pulled down the video, I mean, better put it up somewhere else where it will be more useful. Then today, I got this message which absolutely made my day!

A lot of people complain everyday about no job or wanting a job change and when you try to help, they do not want to invest a dime in their careers.
They want it to just come to them. A career needs investment. If you are not ready to sacrifice time and money then you are really not yet serious.

Please, please, please, invest in your knowledge, when it comes to your career you cannot outsmart it by choosing the cheap option. Anyway, I am too happy right now and I want to see more testimonies this coming week!
Congrats to our member who chose to remain anonymous? Enjoy your 6 figure paying job!

PS: He also used the FREE CV TEMPLATE posted in the group last week

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