I Advise

I speak, write and advise on Human Resources Management and enhancing career Lives.

I host and speak on event of all sizes all year round.  Speaking, writing and advising are my 3 strongest competencies and I am grateful for having the opportunity to use those skills in my every day life.

I have lot of experiences to share with different audience.  I am particular about  up and coming professionals, yet to discover their true potential and women.

I like helping people reach their career potential.  I am most  particular about helping women excel in their careers.

I share a lot of advise via my articles and social media pages.  I am most active on Facebook via my group ''HR Nigeria'' and I have a Facebook page . I am also active on Linkedin and still learning my way around Instagram.  Do follow me on social media to keep up to date with the insights I share.

For HR Advisory needs, please direct all enquiries to Kendor Consulting, the HR Consultancy I founded in 2009.  Emails can be sent to info@kendorconsulting.com

I offer executive coaching sessions for corporate organisations as well as personalised Coaching Services to a select few. My client tend to be senior executives and small business owners. An initial consultation includes personality assessments and a 1 hour exploratory session. 

If you are interested in engaging me for personal or corporate career related needs, do send an email to hiya@adoraikwuemesi.com or fill the form below. Please be as detailed as possible to enable me understand your requirements and offer the best possible solution.

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