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Change Your Career is a self-help book for anyone who seriously wants to change their career quickly and successfully.

Whether your desire is to start a new career, switch to a more fulfilling career or increase your earning potential, this book will help you achieve your career goals. This practical goal guide is an easy-read that reveals 10 power strategies to help you take actions required to:

Start your career change journey on the right-footing by beginning with a compelling career vision.

Gain leverage by understanding and identifying your transferable skills.

Determine any skills gap you may have and identify required training and development needs.

My Thoughts On Quiet Quitting

My Thoughts On Quiet Quitting

Quietquitting the latest buzzword sounds to me like disengaged employees, which is nothing new in HR. How feasible is it to be fully engaged 9 to 5 and then switch off completely after 5 pm? Unlikely to happen if you were truly engaged in your work. More likely to...



A lot of young people are confused and not sure what to do with their lives. Research is saying today's young people are the most depressed generation with more frequent cases of mental health problems. I remember being in the same situation when I was 25, confused...

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