HR Bootcamp Part 6

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On getting to the venue, Lanre was already there. He had set up the registrations table. A few people were already in the hall. He had taken their attendance.

I had brought the printed agenda with me and placed them in blue, plastic pouch files. One for every attendee.

Lola, arrived early and it wasn’t long before the hall was pretty full.

The programme started as scheduled. A little glitch with the refreshments arriving late, but that was quickly sorted.

It was a mixed crowd, some younger, some older, some already in careers in HR and some intending to transit to HR.

The speakers were engaging, the audience was delighted. Lots of questions followed from the audience. We gave as much value as we possibly could.

At about 1.30pm, we began to wrap up the programme.

I announced the launch of the 3 day HR Bootcamp training programme which would hold in the new year, January 2010. A few people signed up there and then. From the look of things, it appeared Kendor Consulting was now in business.

I gave the vote of thanks to all who made the programme a success. They were too many to mention. I remain forever indebted.

I was exhausted.

I went home.

Then upstairs to my bedroom.

I called Michael.

‘We give God all the glory’, he said.

I slept off.

The HR Bootcamp Seminar had come to pass on December 5, 2009.

To be continued…

Stayed tuned for updates in the final episode 7.

PS: Below are real pictures from the event in 2009. Me, the speakers and audience.

PSS: To learn more about the HR Bootcamp Conference visit

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