Your Silver Lining- Post COVID-19

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So, despite the buhaha of COVID19, it’s interesting how as humans we are at different phases with respect to dealing with the sudden change brought about by the pandemic.

A recent survey, revealed some interesting facts.

That 80% of people believe they will see a silver lining post lockdown/quarantine.

69% want to use the period to learn a new skill.

57% want to try out something they never had time to do.

Data is a wonderful thing. Gives us insight and perspective.

Yes, a lot of people are still in shock, denial, fear phase of change.

Yes, anxiety and stress levels are up.

Yes, a good number of people are chilling and enjoying the break.

All of these responses are normal and valid.

Fact is, a good number of people are hopeful and inspired by a happy ending to all of this.

A good number of people are in the creative phase, seeking solutions and open to using this period to developing themselves.

A good number of people are still anxious about it all but still want to learn new skills, follow that dream, and try out interesting things they never had time to do.

Such is the irony of life. We are all different and our responses and needs are valid.

So, as we are designing and developing programmes. Let’s remember to gather data on where on the change curve people are, to ensure we are catering for all cases.

It’s ok to be wherever you are and responding however you are.

If you are still in shock and adjusting to the craziness that is fine.

If you are reflecting, and taking a much needed break that’s fine.

If you have thinking ahead and seeking your silver lining, that’s great too.

Let’s just remember as business leaders and HR professionals to manage diversity and be inclusive as we do so; catering for all sorts of needs, leaving no one out.

Good Morning y’all.

P.S: We just launched our HR Bootcamp- Entrepreneur Edition (virtual class) and the response has been resounding, looks like will be oversubscribed before Friday.


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