Your Destiny Is Trying To Emerge, Stop Holding It Back

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What makes some people average, and others stand out?

I was very average in school, till I dropped physics and chemistry and picked up commerce.

I was very average at university till I dropped accounting and picked up business economics.

I was very average at work till I dropped user interface design and delved into organisational psychology.

I was very average at my career till I focussed on writing, speaking and advising.

I am still average at a lot of things, I don’t care about and haven’t really paid attention to.

My best articles are the ones that demonstrate my strong opinions and philosophies. Being agreeable to most things is being lukewarm, no fire in the belly. Where’s the passion?

Everytime I water down myself to fit in or conform to ideals, I end up average like everybody else.

In the words of Oscar Wilde, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

Your uniqueness is your competitive edge. Don’t water it down to fit in.

Be weird, be quirky, be loud, be quiet, be you. Be yourself.

Your destiny is trying to emerge, stop holding it back.

You are enough!

Your thoughts?

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