Women Discrimination

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Dear friends and colleagues,

I am happy we have been celebrating International Women’s Day, it gives me much joy. My greatest wish, is that as we celebrate women in words, we also celebrate them in deed.

I am hoping that all of us will go back and change policies and practices that subjugate women’s rights and livelihood.

I am not an employee, yet I still face discriminatory practices as a woman. My personal experience as a pregnant woman last year had its fair share of discrimination. A business that my firm won was withdrawn because I was l pregnant. Our capability was questioned because I was pregnant. No need for details because this appeal is not about me.

This is about the many women in our workplaces whom our policies and practices put at a disadvantage.

Practices that make it difficult for women to thrive in the workplace.

  • Discrimination at the point of hiring.
  • Discrimination at the point of compensation.
  • Discrimination at the point of paid leave.
  • Discrimination at the point of promotion.
  • Making assumptions about competence.
  • Making assumptions on emotional intelligence.
  • Second-guesing work commitment. 
  • Second-guessing judgment and decision-making abilities.
  • Second guessing leadership skills.
  • Belittling claims on sexual harassment.
  • Being uncomfortable to speak up for the truth but rather standing up for unjust practices to remain popular with management.
  • To the women- forgetting you are a woman and thinking you have to act like a man to succeed.

We talk about balance, please let us demonstrate balance. Because the woman you are discriminating against has a husband/partner/counterpart in another workplace that is walking free of discrimination. Real balance is equality and a level playing field.

International Women’s day is beyond celebrating women. Please review your policies and practices and support women in not just words but in deed.

Copyright 2019, Adora Ikwuemesi

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