Women and The Girl Child

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Assertions that promote the narrative of women not being designed to work are false narratives. There is no scientific, archaeological or religious doctrine that promotes this.

I know some women support such assertions as it suits their secret desires to be solely homemakers. I know some men delight in such narratives as it suits their ideals of women taking care of the home-front.

That a woman takes some time off work to nurture children, I can accept. That a woman does work that allows her flexibility to fulfil family obligations, I endorse. That a woman designs her work around her home and family, I advocate, but that she is not designed to work, I can never accept and neither should anyone because it is not true and has negative implications not just for women but society at large.

As an adult individual, your career is very much tied to your purpose in life. And yes, your family is inevitably part of that purpose but that’s not all of it. We must all be engaged in some form of work. Your life’s work is the fullest expression of one’s purpose on this earth. It is necessary for personal growth, fulfilment and financial stability. If you are born into wealth or have fallen into wealth then it is important that you are engaged in voluntary or philanthropic work. No work at all is not how life is designed, as every life has a purpose to contribute to mankind, we can’t waste that imperative.

Financial abuse is the most cited form of abuse in domestic violence cases. Victims often cannot leave abusive relationships because they lack financial capacity to provide for themselves.

As members of society, what good is society if half of its working population does not contribute economically? Who suffers? Children and Men. The majority of families cannot cope with one income. In Africa where poverty is widespread, it would be a recipe for unnecessary hardship. Men will suffer an unnecessary burden and children no doubt will be forced to bear the brunt of financial hardship via poor education and the indicative poverty trap.

It’s a vicious circle that can only be broken by financial empowerment.

If you are a man, support the education of the girl child. Poverty often begins at childhood when girls are denied an education. Avoid discriminatory practices at home and in the workplace. Discourage the narrative that women will be looked after by their husbands and thus don’t need their own money. Women need as much money as men, I would argue even more in instances were they raise families singlehandedly.

Either way, women need to work, women need to earn a decent living under decent working conditions.

Women, I know it gets tough, but please, always have your own money. Do your best to save, especially if or when you are single, because it gets tough with a family. The world is still not an equitable place. Money gives you options. We all need options.

Your thoughts?

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