Why Be Average?

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”Birds of a feather flock together.’

‘Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.’

I remember hearing these words growing up.

Peer pressure is real, even for the leader of the pack, it’s natural to compare ourselves with our peers. The average person may not aim to be top of their league, but they definitely don’t want to be at the bottom. Somewhere in the middle is always a safe place, hence, many gravitate towards average.

But why be average?

I have this observation especially for people who emigrate overseas. I notice they usually end up doing the type of jobs done by the first set of people they get acquainted with.

If the people they meet are cleaners, they would easily get a cleaning job. If they were healthcare professionals, then they would get such jobs and of course if they hang around people who have done well for themselves economically, they are inspired and not surprisingly they would move up pretty quickly as well.

You are indeed an average of your peers. If you hang around 5 distinguished HR professionals you will be the 6th.

Again, why be average?

Who are you hanging around with professionally?

Dare to tag the people you engage with the most outside your family, and I will tell you who you are?๐Ÿ˜

What’s your experience? Your thoughts?

PS: Whatever you want to accomplish career-wise this year, just take the plunge, because a year from today, you will wish you started today. Enrol for that programme, start those classes, network more. Just do it!

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