Where Does Your Hope Lie?

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Over the weekend, I watched a disheartening video of a criminal; armed robber, rapist, as bad as it gets. He was suggesting that the police kill him because sending him back to prison will only make him more of a criminal as he had been down that road before and came out worse.

You see, what was so sad to watch was how many times he kept repeating that he knows that no one wants to help him and how he knows that he won’t get support from anyone.

I know we live in a terrible economy that appears to be getting worse by the day. I know that our government and leaders have failed us in many ways by not providing the environment or support structure for decent work and real economic growth. But what I found most troubling was the state of helplessness he displayed.

He sounded educated to a certain level, I won’t be surprised if he had proceeded beyond secondary school. What felt so bad was that his hope and hopelessness stemmed from expecting people to help him.

I looked at him, speaking effortlessly, looking healthy and all I could think was what will make an able-bodied man feel he has nothing to offer? The same brain he uses for his crimes was more than enough to work somewhere, anywhere. Why would he choose to be evil, killing and raping over even being a labourer? It was obvious his values, mental health and mindset must have missed it somewhere.

Truth is, every human being needs a support system. Be it family, friends and community of some sort. This is obviously why people also join groups and clubs and even gangs and cults.

However, one of the worst things you can do to yourself is expect other people to help you or live on charity. Charity is one of the biggest traps. Anyone who funds you financially will control you and unless they are sponsoring your education you many never learn how to fend for yourself.

We pray that God gives us good families and friends too, but nothing is an entitlement.
Every support is a gift.

The only person that we can really rely on is God and ourselves. And the self we rely on is actually God in us.

To depend on charity or help from others is one of the worst things you can do to yourself. To believe that someone you know must help you get a job is limiting.

As adults, it is in our work that we find meaning and purpose in life.

Without meaningful work, able bodied adults are as good as dead. Depression will consume you and feelings of worthlessness will lead to suicidal thoughts. It’s a dark hole.

Be inspired, be empowered and find a way to contribute to this life. Just get busy, find something to do with your time. You can be unemployed and busy because you have found a way of giving value, of contributing, of helping. If you keep receiving and never giving, you cannot find true fulfilment, you will always feel empty because you have no purpose. No adult is designed to take, we were all designed to give and add value.

Never give up. Never. You came to this world to serve a purpose. Look inside you, pray about it, find volunteer work around, do something. In a matter of time, you will find yourself and be who you are, who you are meant to be.


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