Where are You Now?

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So where are you now? I will start with myself. Personally, I am excited about the present and the future. I love being propelled and jumpstarted into the future.

I am excited about the possibilities. I love working from home and have been doing it for a few years now, although I was not locked up at home as I would be visiting clients or popping into the office.

I also like the fact that one can pause a bit and appreciate certain things that we once took for granted.

I like that it is the perfect time to start over and reinvent one’s self.

It has been quite a productive time for me and I am happy with results so far.

The future looks bright.

What isn’t pleasant is the grief it has brought the world. The loss to families, economies and businesses; and the entrepreneurs and employees that have suffered and are still suffering as a result of this craziness.

That part creates anxiety and sadness. That part definitely kept me awake at night thinking what next for businesses and employees, especially small businesses like mine.

But I have started sleeping again…

So it’s a mix for me. I don’t think I ever experienced the fear zone, not my style. I am definitely in the growth zone.

Where are you now?

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and we will keep you posted.

So, where are you now?

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