What’s Your Masterclass?

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I recently have been seeing the facebook adverts of Masterclass, a subscription based membership that gives access to a library of instructor led masterclasses. The ads feature some pretty engaging topics that will appeal to most people, especially creatives.

The instructors are the best, all renowned in their fields, many are celebrities in their own right. The adverts usually end with the instructor saying,

‘I am , and this, is my masterclass.’

I remember being a fan of Oprah’s master classes. I loved the format, where celebrities would speak uninterrupted about various life lessons in an hour long episode.

I particularly loved one with the musician Lenny Kravitz, as it struck a chord. He spoke about how he was such a perfectionist with his craft, and how after his concerts rather than be elated, he would nitpick at everything that went wrong. His strive for perfection didn’t allow him enjoy what he loved doing.

Then he went on tour with another musician, Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. Robert noticed his behaviour and confronted him about his ‘too serious’ attitude. Robert scolded him and told him some home truths. He told him off for being too controlling, not having fun and not embracing his gift. He urged Lenny to let go, lighten up and enjoy the moment. The advise remains an experience Lenny said he’s forever grateful for.

See a masterclass as an opportunity to help others learn and grow.

Learning is an incredible force of life. As Rihanna says, ‘there are no regrets, only lessons.’

So, what qualifies someone to teach a masterclass?

You can teach anything you have gained expertise on through formal education or informal life experience. Truth is, you can even teach things you are figuring out, the journey itself is someone else’s masterclass. Experience is definitely the best teacher and the best lessons are life lessons.

I tried to pick a masterclass topic and realised that I have studied and experienced a broad range of subjects, so I decided to write a list. It’s no where near exhaustive, so I don’t frighten people with some of the things I know😉, but a good start nonetheless. So, here it goes,

Hiya! I’m Adora Ikwuemesi, and this is, my masterclass…

  1. Navigating Career Change Quickly and Successfully
  2. Getting Started and Excelling in a Human Resources Management
  3. Starting and Managing an HR Consulting Business
  4. Understanding Personality Types
  5. Planning Last Minute Events
  6. Being Ms Right, Finding Mr Right
  7. Career Management, Financial Independence For Women
  8. Losing Weight, Gaining It Back, Plus More
  9. Diagnosing and Managing Depression
  10. Managing a Fibroids Diagnosis
  11. Dealing With Infertility
  12. Terminating Non-Value-Adding Relationships

I can render help and advise in any of the above topics. I can in fact deliver a masterclass😀.

I believe we are all power houses of knowledge. And once you have invested in amassing expertise or overcome any challenges, you have a masterclass in you.

We need to all find our masterclass(es).

The discovery may help you determine your mission or next steps in life.

We are all masterclass instructors.

So, what’s your name and what is your masterclass?

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