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I can only be my most productive when I can bring my whole self to work.

A big part of fulfilment comes from the ability to be your true self. Working in your flow and basking in the euphoria of contributing to life.

Many people find they have to wear a work persona into work. There’s a certain sadness that overcomes when we have to leave a part of us behind everyday.

No one can perform optimally all day acting as someone else.

What’s optimal productivity when you can’t be your true self.

What is optimal productivity when your mind is somewhere else.

What is optimal productivity where different areas of you life like finances, personal growth and fulfilment are causing you great dissatisfaction.

What if we could design work for wellbeing and integrate wellness at its core?

What if we didn’t have to think of balancing home and work, here or there. What if work and life were integrated? What if wellness was built into work?

When we are well we are most productive in every sense of the word. We thrive and there’s a ripple effect on our families and workplaces.

Imagine if work itself was designed for wellbeing?

I would start by ensuring sure all work gave the opportunity for true self expression. That we paid more attention to culture and better matched people with companies and jobs. That we championed diversity, better understanding our differences and embracing them instead. That we led with more empathy in our deeds and not just our word. That we examined life as a whole picture and not just snippets of work.

The possibilities are indeed endless.
Tell me this is possible and my head is not in the clouds😀.

What are your best ideas on integrating wellness into work, ensuring that the workplace and work itself is designed for wellbeing?

Adora Ikwuemesi.

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