We Should All Be Consultants

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Last Friday, I was invited to speak at a company retreat. The topic was apt for me, embodying my passions in its title, ‘Taking Charge of Your Career by Becoming a Consultant.’

The venue for the retreat, was at the Redemption Camp, I had never been there before, I considered it an adventure.

My session was at 11am, and living at the exact opposite side of town, I set off early at 7am sharp.

In my car, I began to replay what my key message would be. I was really just going to speak about my own journey to becoming a consultant.Then, I decided to look up the meaning of the word consultant, and as I started to read, I chuckled. 

The first line read, ‘a consultant is a professional…the next words read….’who provides expert advise on a particular area.’

I have always ascertained that we should all be professionals. What I wasn’t prepared for was that we should actually all be consultants.

Whatever, your hands yearn to do, do it well. Do it so well that you become a reference point that others seek your expertise on.

We were born to become professionals, that is my belief, and everyone of us has the capacity to be a professional. If you ask me, I will say, our profession is our purpose. Find yours.

We were destined to serve the world with our honed gifts. I say honed because even talent can be lost if not put under continuous practice. I am sure there’s something you were once good at as a kid that you no longer do as well. Talent, my dear, is not enough.

Deep down, I believe that our profession is a big part of God’s plan for us, that there dignity in all labour and that our work will take care of our needs. But on one condition…that we find what that work is and that we commit to doing it well. So well, that we may reap the rewards that come with working with purpose; a more fulfilled life.

My dear brothers and sisters, if you haven’t already, commit today to becoming a professional,  to becoming a consultant, to becoming the best at what you do! 

This post was inspired by the email sent below. It is from a driver, a professional driver. Everyone should be and can aspire  to be a professional. 

What are your thoughts?

Adora Ikwuemesi speaks, writes and advises on enhancing career lives. Read more from her via www.adoraikwuemesi.com#beaprofessional

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