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Growing up in Lagos, the word ‘Agbaya’ was something I heard often. I wasn’t sure what it meant but it was often followed by the phrase “big for nothing”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are 55k members in this group. Are we big for nothing?

What initiative can we carry out to benefit our members? Imagine if 10% of us did something, that’s over 5000 people, the impact will be great. Please let us do something positive as a group. There is strength in numbers.

Suggestions I can think of include;

  1. Training or Workshop
  2. Event/Get together
  3. Charity Walk
  4. Fund Raising for a Cause/Project
  5. Form a Cooperative/Not for profit

Please indicate in the comments if you ARE interested in such an initiative and feel free to make suggestions. If you want real change you have to act and contribute to it. It’s never going to come on a platter of gold. We need to work together to achieve it. We are not AGBAYAS. We cannot be big
for nothing. We must make positive impact…

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