Virtual Interview Etiquette

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Many opt for virtual interviews because it’s convenient. I recently interviewed someone who sat in a toilet.

It may have been the only quiet place they could find, hence the choice, but with advanced preparation they could have found a better location than a toilet.

I would like to give some tips to improve virtual interviews:

  • Prepare well. If there was only 1 tip it would be this.
  • Test your equipment hours before. Test your Internet connection. Get familiar with the online platform that will be used.
  • Identify the best location you can use. Use a plain background or at least a tidy background with no visible distracting items.
  • Test your microphone. Most decent computers have a good enough one. If you are using an external webcam it will have one too.
  • Test your webcam. Most inbuilt webcams aren’t great quality and are not well positioned at eye level.
  • If you use your phone, position your phone well, so you are at eye level. This may mean propping it up with a stand or books.
  • Always turn on your camera, unless told otherwise. Maintain good posture, eye contact and speak clearly as in any interview.
  • One person had to postpone their interview twice for bad phone connection. Find a place with good network to avoid disappointment
  • Dress based on the company’s dress code and if in doubt be more formal. No hats, sunglasses, T-shirts (unless techy), over revealing tops.
  • Use a well lit room. Test it as you may need additional lighting. For best results, light should be in front of you, not beside or behind you.

I hope these help 🙏. Please feel free to add your own tips to improve virtual interviews.

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