They are Not Against You, They are for Themselves…

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Most people around us want something from us. A lot of relationships are centered around selfish reasons. I do not believe most set out with ill intentions towards us, BUT, they are for themselves.

So-called friends, because of their current needs that you fulfill; vendors because of what they are selling to you; job seekers because of what they are hoping from you; and colleagues because of their work needs from you.

Aside these wants and needs, there is often no other basis for a lot of relationships.

No relationship surpasses that which has no reason attached to it, seeks nothing in return. It just is.

Despite the distractions and the noise, we must distinguish and focus on those relationships that nurture us rather than deplete us.

True family and friends don’t have to be there everyday; they are there when it counts.

To those family and genuine friends who have supported me, to all those who show up for their family and friends when it counts, may you never seek supporters for any of your endeavors, and may you always find uncommon favor in the sight of men and God.

What are your thoughts?

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