The Future of Work is Skills

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Vacancies everywhere, yet good candidates are no where to be found.

Candidates everywhere, yet the jobs available require skills and experience the candidates don’t have.

Universities everywhere,  yet the curriculum taught doesn’t match the skills required in the workplace.

Small businesses everywhere, yet most candidates want to work for the big firms.

Multiple skill and experience requirements everywhere, yet the businesses want to pay small salaries.

Frustration everywhere, yet the employers, feel the job requirements are realistic.

Training opportunities everywhere, yet the job seekers feel they should be trained by the organisations.

Skeptisim everywhere, as the businesses aren’t convinced that the available candidates are worth investing in.

No guarantees everywhere, as the economy cannot guarantee the businesses a return on their investment.

Imbalance everywhere, yet in a perfect market demand will match supply and kindred spirits will meet their match.

Mismatch everywhere as skills required don’t match the skills of the people available.

The future of work is skills. Skill up and you never need to worry about the future of you.

Your thoughts?

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