The Difference Between Dreamers, Thinkers and Doers

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I watched a podcast yesterday that said doers are the hardest people to find. Another said most people are dreamers or thinkers and only 2% of people are doers.

I am not sure of the statistics but I can speak from experience on the difference between dreamers, thinkers and doers.

Dreamers talk. They talk a good talk. The other day a friend was telling me about a dreamer brother of hers. She said he accredited himself based on his ability to write 3 business plans. When she asked him about how many he had implemented, he remained caught up in the fact that he wrote the plans. Doers on the other hand are more interested in the execution. They know that faith without works is a dead end, and no results will yield without action.

Dreamers and thinkers procrastinate. I see a lot of people share their dreams and years later they don’t take action. Some tell me about great ideas they have and yet take no action, some give up too easily once things get demannding. Thinkers in particular can spend forever thinking out plans. They feel it’s ok to improve on plans, and they love reviewing their ideas. They get motivated by discussions around their dreams and plans. Doers on the other hand act fast. They are quick to take action sometimes without even thinking which has its own flaws. Doers believe in processing things quickly to reap the benefits of action fast.

Dreamers give excuses. When results don’t yield, Dreamers can give you a 1001 reasons why it didn’t work out. The responsibility is not theirs, it’s always someone or something else. Thinkers can imagine several reasons why it didn’t work out. Doers on the other hand evaluate and reflect on their actions and inactions. They examine their actions and own up to inactions. They take responsibility and plan the next steps to do differently.

Dreamers dream big, they cast visons and paint picturess, and without action those dreams aren’t realised. Thinkers allow fear stifle them. When they think of the risk, they back out and don’t take action. They focus on preserving what already exists. If you know the parable of the talents you will know what I mean. Thinkers maintain the status quo and avoid rocking the boat. Doers are afraid but their fear doesn’t stop them from taking action. They do it afraid.

The world needs Dreamers, Thinkers and Doers, I guess a dream team will have all three, but we must admit that nothing gets done without Doers, the people that actually get things done.

Now my big worry is the notion that Doers are hard to find.

Your thoughts?

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