Sterling Bank, Our Delight!

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Forgive me if I am the last to know this but I just received exceedingly delightful service from Sterling bank, a bank in Nigeria and I am really in shock to say the least.

I was very skeptical when I was told I could open a bank account that was functional without headache.

You see, when you experience a country like Nigeria, where the simplest things are very hard, it just makes you prepare for the worst at all times.

As I followed the account opening steps, which began with just clicking a link to download the app via

I was just waiting for the part where they would say upload your utility bill or proof of address, I didn’t get that. Instead I was asked for an address and a landmark description. When it got to the part to upload a picture, I was asked to take a selfie, hmmm. I had one eyebrow up at this point but was still skeptical, waiting for where it will all go south, but no, instead I got a congratulations message saying I had just won a free gift debit card which will be delivered in 5 to 7 days.

I was overly impressed at this point about the message but truly on the debit card delivery, I didn’t believe them. This is Nigeria, if they don’t make you suffer they haven’t started with you.

Then a few days later another shocker, I received a credit alert of NGN117 in the account, for what? I actually don’t know. I was waiting for debit but received credit, does it get any better?

Today, I am in awe. I am shaking my head and holding myself back from celebrating. So, there’s hope? A Nigerian bank account took 5 mins to open and they sent me a free debit card a week after. They did not charge me for the card and they sent Fedex to deliver my card to me at home? I have been checking to see a debit alert, charging for the card, none yet😀. In Nigeria? Wonders will indeed never cease.

My dear, kudos to Sterling bank. You are indeed a one customer bank.

You will do great things and great things will be done for you.

Meanwhile Zenith bank is still charging me for requesting for a bank statement claiming they charge when you make a request before the end of the month. They charged for each page of statement and are still insisting on their fee despite not notifying at any point that we will be charged for the request. Account officer and branch manager not moved that I have voiced to close my account. In this day and age? No doubt where I will be moving my account to.

Sterling bank please continue this way, do not be corrupted by the cruel practices of a lot of Nigerian banks. See you at the top.

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