Start With A Vision

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I meet lots of career starters and even more people who yearn to change their career. The question they ask is always the same, ‘Where do I start? Where you start is the biggest determinant of where you will end up, so I am giving you the best advice I can, ‘Start with a Vision.’ “If you don’t know where you are going, you will end up everywhere and nowhere.

A vision is a mental picture of a future destination. A career vision depicts the dream you have for your career, who you want to be and where you see yourself in the future. Having no vision for your career is like sailing a ship without a destination in mind. Without a clear destination, the ship will sail with the tides and end up wherever the wind takes it. Without a vision, it is very easy to get distracted because you do not have a clear idea of where you are going.

If you come across a new career option, you will probably join the bandwagon since you have no firm grip on a particular career path. This lack of clarity will keep swaying you in different directions.”

What do you think about starting with a vision?

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