SMEs Account for 84% of Employment

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1. SMEs in Nigeria are broadly defined as businesses with turnover of less than N100m per annum and/or less than 300 employees. 96% of Nigerian businesses are SMEs.

2. In Nigeria, SMEs account for 84% of employment.

3. The reality of this data, is that 4 out of every 5 jobs, will be to work for SMEs.

4. Yet 4 out of 5 workers and unemployed youth are seeking to work for Large firms and Multinationals.

5. The intentions may be noble…but the reality reveals a huge disconnect…

6. Your chances of getting a job in a Multinational or large firm are limited…not my words, the data says it all…

7. So as long as the people seeking jobs don’t want the jobs available…Your guess is as good as mine.

8. You may want to rethink your job search strategy…

The end…

Your thoughts?

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