Senior Management Executives: You Still Need a CV

by | Jun 21, 2020 | General | 2 comments

I am sad to admit that some of the poorest fit CVs and LinkedIn profiles I have seen are at Executive and Senior Management level.

Many qualified Executive and Senior level candidates are passed on because their LinkedIn profiles and CVs are not positioned for such level roles.

Imagine my shock when I wanted to refer someone I knew for an MD position, but alas he didn’t even have a LinkedIn profile.

There is this wrong notion that CVs are only for job seekers and so many opportunities are lost that way.

These days, employers and recruiters take a peek at candidates via LinkedIn before reaching out.

LinkedIn allows your contacts share your profile as PDF thereby generating a CV for you. Many profiles not up to date put such candidates at a disadvantage.

Everyone needs a CV whatever your level.

A CV can be requested for at any time and for different reasons;, it could be a request from a business school, referral for a management role, a board position or a business opportunity.

When these opportunities arise, having a well written CV handy is a winning strategy.

Do note that the CV format used earlier on in your career is not usually appropriate at senior level.

If you are a busy Senior Executive and need help, do send me a message, I can help.

Your thoughts?

If you are too busy or need assistance, consider a consultation with a CV and LinkedIn Profile Revamp, click HERE for details of this service. It comprises a consultation in the form of a clarity phone call to help you clarify your career vision and goals. The information feeds into helping ua customise your CV and Linkedin profile to align with your goals.

All the very best!

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  1. Osasona Olawale Julius

    Good morning Adora. Continue with the good work you are doing. God bless you. I just need your help to shape my CV. I’m on LinkedIn. Thanks very much

  2. Joy Amina Okwakpam

    Hello Adora, I admire your consistency and professionalism a lot. Keep doing what are you doing, God bless you abundantly. I tried downloading the CV template but couldn’t. Kindly assist, because I think I need some help in revamping my CV at moment


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