Secret Santa

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You know a lot of times, we get soaked up in our own problems, there’s always one thing or the other we feel we need at every given time. More and more, I realise that no matter our situation, we are always in a position to make someone else happy…Your small problem is someone else’s big problem.

No matter how bad things seem for us, we should never lose sight of our ability to help others. There’s a lot of healing power and renewal in generosity. We hear it all the time that givers never lack. It’s true. We can all be someone’s Secret Santa, make that decision today.

What do you wish for this Christmas? Someone here may be in a position to give it to you. Write it down in the comments and make it plain, be explicit, make it easy to give you. Secret Santa knows if you have been good or bad😎.

If you can grant someone’s wish, get in touch with them, make someone happy. You will be surprised how elated you will feel by just helping someone else. Ask and you shall indeed receive, but God will surely bless you as you give.

Make your wish and watch Secret Santa grant it…Merry Christmas all! I will be reading the wishes in the comments. P.S. Join the Facebook group HR Nigeria to see secret Santa in action.

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