Reviewing 2020 and Getting Ready for 2021

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Some people have started dancing, looking forward to January alert . Hear this first.

Before you start digging into your January salary, remember that aside dancing, January is also the best time to invest in your yourself if you want to see results this year.

Facebook just reminded me that this time last year I attended 2 training programmes that not only transformed my business but saved me from further gloom and sorrow in 2020.

When the pandemic hit with the first lockdown, I honestly panicked like everyone else in business. Being a service based B2B business, I thought it was all over as all projects we were working on were put on hold, till further notice.

Then I lost my dad, with that, I felt deep down it was truly all over. Even if I had the tiniest will to carry on, with that blow, it was TKO. I was devastated, still am.

Till today, everything you heard or read from me in April till June 2020 is blanked out. I was a zombie, and at best a robot. I will never know who tried to reach me that period as my phone was switched off for 2 months. Then to make things worse in July, my phone crashed so all the messages are gone forever.

Anyway, on the positive side, being a zombie, allowed me the discipline of working crazy hours, going to bed as late as 7am. I focused on implementing what I had learned from the training I attended in January and February 2020.

My business wasn’t spared, 2020 remains a devastating year financially for most businesses but I tell you one thing, it could have been much worse.

Prior to that time, aside for our annual HR Bootcamp conference, 99% of our clients were businesses never individuals. Due to the lockdown, almost all revenue stream taps were turned off, yet eLearning, a non-existent revenue stream, suddenly appeared on the books in April 2020.

Something we had failed at implementing since 2016. We even hired 2 eLearning specialists yet not one eLearning course was created nor sold.

Then the magic happened, from zero to hero, we pivoted. We started serving individual customers not just businesses. Today, we have over 30 online courses and hundreds of individuals have enrolled for our online programmes.

I was so happy that I opted to help other friends and acquaintances get started as well.

I have been accused of developing my competition, but I don’t see it that way, I just like to help other people learn and grow.

Anyway, another reminder that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Do not ‘chop’ your January 2021 salary. If you don’t know how to invest it, ask me.

PS: Option 1, join our HR Bootcamp Accelerator programme registration closes January 30th

PSS: Option 2, enjoy our free courses via but don’t get carried away with free things, they actually ‘run belle’

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