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So, this month my driver has been complaining to me that he is really broke. Infact, he has been so broke that the requests for salary advance have been almost weekly. He complained about all the things he needed to buy month-end and amongst the things he desperately needed was a standing fan. He complained how much his sleep has been disturbed by the heat and mosquitoes of the night.

My mind is solution oriented. I can’t help trying to solve issues or help, whenever I am privy to any type of problem.

Aside tips and the usual t-fare, I tried to help him with some food stuff. I have this floor fan taking up space in my house, it’s been barely used and of very good quality. So, I instantly offered it to him for free. To my surprise, he rejected the offer, saying that he rather buys the standing fan when he gets his salary. 

There’s something about people not valuing things they get for free. I am beginning to think it’s a law of nature. 

People in need are everywhere, people who can give are also all around us.

Another observation is that there are many people who want to give, their problem is they can’t find people to help. It sounds funny in a world full of poverty but it is true. Like humans, they have a need to feel appreciated or at the least know their assistance was well utilised. It is only logical to want your assistance to be of most value by helping someone who really needs it. It’s like awarding scholarships to people who can afford school fees, it defeats the purpose as the social impact is lost.

To receive, I believe we are better off asking for what we want. Some people think it’s humiliating to ask but I believe those who ask receive more than those who do not. Action causes reaction, that’s another law of nature, I am learning. Things don’t just happen; you have to create your life events. Even to receive, you have to position yourself for receiving and it begins by asking.

Next crucial factor, is to have a spirit of gratitude, people who feel entitled, never have enough and often don’t get the favour they need from helpers. Even when you want to help them, their attitude negates the intention. Some people keep receiving just because of their attitude, they attract givers who just want to help them.

All in all, I think it’s safe to say, there’s something about paying for something that makes it more valuable. There are many free things that are undervalued.

There’s also something about helping someone genuinely in need and knowing that your assistance was really valued.

There’s also power in asking so you may indeed receive.

And a sad reality is that the world is not balanced. Many times, the helpers and those in need can’t find each other. 

May your helpers find you.

May you be a blessing to others and be equally blessed.

Happy Sunday.

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