Reminder: Your Exit Plan

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Some people have started this year with the same mistakes they made last year, so let me remind them.

Admin Officer, Customer Service, Call Centre Operator, Teller etc etc are not professions. They are what I consider as stepping stones, entry level roles that you shouldn’t stay in for more than 2 years.

Unless you can confidently tell me that you are on the path to be a distinguished certified customer service professional, in fact world acclaimed, or an excellent Administrator and that will mean you are super organised and probably a certified project manager, then I will take you seriously in those roles.

If you are not yet on a professional path, please start your exit plan today and find and begin your professional pursuit. Everyone, yes, I repeat, everyone, every adult of working age should be a professional.

I don’t care if you decide it is to be a shoemaker, dancer, painter, just do it excellently well. Do it so well that others marvel at your depth…you will have a much brighter future than any call centre agent without a plan.

Adora Ikwuemesi has spoken, chop wisdom, arrange your career! hashtag#adoraikwuemesihashtag#careerchangehashtag#arrangeyourself

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