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These days I ask myself, ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’ They say no,
and so what next?

I do this to put things in perspective. To avoid making things bigger than
they seem.

Rejection is often misconstrued and taken personal when in actual fact, it
isn’t you that is being rejected but what you are offering at the time. If
one person rejects your offering, someone else will accept it soon. The
person who rejected may even accept it if it’s repackaged.

Rejection feels bad, but it doesn’t kill. No one likes feeling rejected but
very often, being rejected is part of the journey towards success.

I often have to remind myself that rejection is not the end of the world.
In fact, there are many positive things that come out from rejection. Last
week, I realised how rejection helps decision making. After they say ‘no’
you can restrategise and move on quickly to the next big feat. Without
feedback you are stuck and can’t move forward. My only request is that if I
am rejected, the rejection is quick!

Rejection hurts, but sometimes it is what you need to restrategise, revisit
your drawing board, reinvent and reposition yourself and simply accept that
life goes on inspite of your rejection. Rejection may hurt but it’s our
bouncebackability that really matters.

It’s ok to feel bad for a moment but no need wallowing in it. Rejection is
an opportunity to try again. Some rejections are even a blessing in

Rejection is part of success. Many rejections happen before success. Look
forward to end result, not the process. One rejection simply means you are
one step closer to your goals. Rejection hurts, but it is part of the
journey and definitely not the destination.

Let’s pray for the courage to accept rejection and quickly move on. Let’s
say thank you for the rejection and goodbye very quickly. It is what it is
and so what next?

Any thoughts on rejection?

Copyright, Adora Ikwuemesia

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