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Honestly, the problem I see with Recruitment in Nigeria is that we have not found an efficient way to recruit.

For fresh graduates, there are just too many candidates. In fact, I know that’s why recruiters and employers use all sorts of discriminatory criteria, desperately seeking ways to prune that shortlist.

Amidst poverty and hardship, the country releases 2 million graduates every year. How? Because of a failed and corrupt public education system, it is able to churn graduates that do not qualify for their award. Recruiters and employers have to reassess graduates because the system has malfunctioned. This, is one of the biggest issues with recruitment in Nigeria. It’s tedious.

Another big issue is at shortlisting, especially for experienced hires. It is what clients call ‘culture fit.’

The sad thing about culture fit is, it covers a multitude of sins, using criteria that any professional should not put out in job adverts. Typically, it’s things like;

1. Age: Not older than vs Not younger than

2. Education: Schooled overseas vs local

3. Gender: Female vs Male

4. Class: Rugged vs Aje Butter (Polished)

With layers of criteria, there are too many cogs in the wheel. Recruitment must be harder in Nigeria.

What are your recruitment challenges?

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