Recruitment Challenges in Nigeria

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Last month I was interviewed to contribute to an article for Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), USA on Recruiting Issues in Nigeria.

The article cited violence, hardship, political and civic unrest as a major contributor to the recruiting issues in Nigeria.

I personally think, violence whether real or perceived will cause declining supply of labour as areas experiencing violence will be unattractive to talent. The average Nigerian loves their life too much and would flee from such.

Aside the impact of political and civic unrest, I believe our talent issues are largely as a result of skills mismatch and manual recruitment processes.

I feel there is an increase in demand, especially a rise in existing job roles and new roles. The downsides are that the skills to match such job opportunities may not have grown as quickly especially in tech driven industries.

People are also very optimistic and apply for jobs they clearly are not qualified for. This often means that advertised jobs receive a large number of unqualified applications. This causes huge inefficiencies, especially as most recruiters don’t use applicant tracking software and receive manual applications via e-mail.

Let me know your thoughts?
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