Quitting Entrepreneurship

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Lately, I have been having this feeling that I should consider getting a regular job. Strange right? Why, because I want to rest. lol. Yes, rest. Collect salary end of the month and be rest assured.

I honestly can’t think of any job that could be as mentally exhausting and as emotionally draining as being an entrepreneur. Employees who talk about mental health issues haven’t seen nothing. I have been both, so I know.

Studies have found that entrepreneurs experience up to 3 times more mental health issues than the average employee. You think you are sad and blue? Depression and anxiety are the entrepreneurs playground.

The media often talks about the hype, the raising funds, the unicorns. Motivational speakers talk about the freedom, the six figures. The average employee dreams of the day they will be their own boss, and call the shots.

No one talks about the dark days and nights, depression, constant anxiety, panic attacks, chronic stress, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, criticism by employees, disdain by clients. It can feel like PTSD on fire. We look well but many of us are ill. Let no one be deceived.

Honestly, sometimes when I search myself, I can’t wish it on anyone. I actually advise people not to and now I see why my father, an entrepreneur himself, didn’t encourage me.

It’s also no surpise that only 2% of people choose the path. 98% of people can’t be wrong. They know better than the ‘crazy ones’, the 2 percenters.

It is too hard, constantly being under pressure. Always on. Brain activity 24,7. For what purpose? It can’t be for money. Not for me at least. God had been kind to me in that respect.

For me, it’s like a cross. I don’t know who sent me, if it is purpose or self inflicted…but it sure feels like a burden I have carried all these years.

I enjoy the core of what what I do. I genuinely love helping people and organisations succeed, but I won’t lie, running a business is the hardest thing I have done and still do and I am beginning to question myself whether it is worth it, especially with all these options today.

With fully remote work, a part of me is thinking I may enjoy the experience of just normal work, and it would be much easier than my current job…yes it’s a job. One I created for myself.

Just expressing my thoughts…my experience…not seeking advise per say…I just want to rest.

…and be rid of this headache.

Your thoughts?

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