Pivot, Don’t Panic

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Yes, you have been hearing the word this season, particularly with respect to businesses changing direction quickly. In basketball, it is the act of stepping out with one foot, keeping the other foot on the ground.

To pivot successfully, you must find your core and oscillate around it. You must focus on what you currently have, your strengths, your core competence. You can’t pivot into a brand new industry or brand new area as that will take too long to develop and leverage on fast.

You can pivot your products by tweaking them to create a new product that serves your current customer needs. You can pivot your market, by shifting existing products to serve a new customer market or persona. You can pivot territory, serving a new geographical zone. You can even combine pivot strategies, the important thing is that you change direction quickly by leveraging on core competence.

I mean this sounds obvious to what we typically do in business. The difference now is, there’s no time for peripherals, as we find ways to revisit our core business and leverage on everything that is working and has ever worked for us.

Pivoting is even more essential for individuals now. Pivoting your career is about leveraging what you already have, your core competencies, your strengths, your current skills. It is the most essential component of making a quick and successful career change. It focuses on doubling-down to determine the transferable skills you already have and using those to secure your current or next role.

So, if for example you just lost your Bank Teller role, you would be identifying your critical transferable skills and finding jobs that require them in order to make a quick shift. Career change is a much longer process, a Career pivot is quick, focussing on what you already have that you can currently leverage.

Sounds easy right? The problem is that most people don’t know how to Identify their transferable skills, their secret recipe, their mountain of existing value.

You can watch all the videos on the ‘7 Steps to Find and Keep a Job In the Pandemic’ on my facebook page or on the HR Nigeria group on Facebook.

Who has pivoted, what did you do?

Who’s planning to pivot what will you do?

Who needs help pivotting?

Share your thoughts, please.

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  1. Olowodun Theophilus

    Your message is well received with gratitude ma. I am a victim of wanting a change but I really don’t know where to begin. I have a job but I don’t have a career. I have a degree in chemical engineering but work as a customer service person in a bank, I really need your help and direction ma. Thank you


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