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In the course of my career, I would say I have enjoyed working with 2 types of people. The experts at their jobs and the vibrant entry level.

If you have ever worked with a high performance team of experts with a great work ethic, you would love work. Going to work becomes fun, brainstorming and long hours is simply part of the flow. There is no slack, everyone just delivers. Some of the best teams I worked with were in my early days in consulting and as an experienced management staff and consultant later on.

Another set of people I have had great experience with are entry level staff. The ones with a zeal and vigour to prove themselves. They want to learn, they present themselves with enthusiasm to work and are a valued contributor to any team. They are digitally savvy and quick, and most of all they are dependable.

A few of my favourite staff, actually all of my favourite staff have been entry level staff. A few of them corpers. What made them stand out was their energy, dedication and communication skills. I notice the high performers are good communicators who can initiate conversations with people at all levels. They are engaged and  absorb themselves at work. I remember a corper that came back in the afternoon after CDs. I remember another one who never went as he said it was a waste of time and they did nothing there. I don’t know how he did it but he was definitely more interested in his job.

The poor performers are often the ones that show no real enthusiasm during their internship or service year. They came to coast and are constantly waiting to be instructed. Salary to them is pocket money so they put little effort to working for their pay. They look forward to opportunities to slack and it shows.

If you are an entry level staff, intern or corper, please take your job seriously. Some people tend to start work believing they are entry level staff and will be trained, they are not expected to contribute much. I don’t think organisations  can absorb that type of slack anymore. Everyone in an organisation can and should deliver value.

If you are employed and have been slacking, count yourself lucky if you get feedback. Use the opportunity of feedback to recalibrate. If you are not so lucky, you could end up laid off for non performance or not retained. You are not retained is usually a polite way of letting you know your performance was below expectations. Don’t be that person. Be the star contributor that everyone wants in their team.

Sometimes, the opportunity was there but your attitude blew it. Behave wisely.

Ps: I am constantly on the look out for great talent to either work with or for clients. Sometimes our employment relationships with people don’t last, not because either party is at fault but because we don’t share the same work ethic or expected skill level.

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