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I understand a lot of people are desperate to get jobs and this advise may seem counterproductive to your short-term job search goals, but it is a better long-term strategy. Please, try to focus on building relationships with connections rather than requesting a job, especially at first contact.

Some go as far as telling me how to help them, requesting how and who I should distribute their CVs to.

Connecting to ask for a job or only communicating when you need a job, is so transactional. Sending someone you want to help you on an errand is inconsiderate. Sure, you can try your luck, but many times, you will not get a favourable response. Why? Firstly, your message is unsolicited. Just because you have access to someone’s inbox and can send them a message, doesn’t mean it’s your right to get a response from them.

I keep saying this, offer value to those you consider as valuable connections or mentors, don’t keep asking of them.

How do you offer value? By showing you really care, helping their causes, offering your time, asking stimulating questions, seeking guidance. If someone inspires you, focus on being in their circle.

Mentoring for example is first a relationship. When you victimise yourself as only being on the receiving end, constantly making requests, you can easily become a nuisance.

Many mentors are busy people and relationships are often based on rapport. If you don’t get any reciprocated interest, find someone else.

If you obviously think these things are not what you should be doing then just let people be. There are enough distractions on social media already.

All in all, everyone needs valuable relationships, so we should all choose to be a valuable connection. Rather than focussing on receiving, ask, ‘what can I give?’
Wishing you the very best.

Your thoughts?
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