On Pierced Ears and Bias in Recruitment

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This pierced ear post has been the main gist this week. Let me add my 2 kobo contribution.

Love it or hate it, most people judge other people by their own standards. In HR Management when you study Recruitment one of the first pitfalls you are told to avoid is “Bias”. You are introduced to the the different forms of bias to help you recognise them so as to avoid them clouding your judgement and negatively impacting the candidate assessment process. Of course your physical appearance is not an indication of your intellectual or technical capacity, however, when you go for an interview you are being assessed technically and for culture fit. Traditional and conservative cultured work places will frown upon ear piercings and tatoos they can see.

Firms have policies and values, whether we agree with them or not is a different matter.

The reality notwithstanding is that the average nigerian will judge you if you have extra piercings even if you are female and if you are a guy, you are so on your own… do not go near conservative or traditional cultured places as you will be JUDGED…so please choose wisely. If you know you cannot afford to be judged please cover your tatoos and glue your ears back sharp sharp…if you really love your piercings then choose work environments that will accept it, I know a few and they are primarily Tech companies or creative work places like advertising agencies…find them and go there instead.

If it was by pierced ears people like me would never have been hired as I have 3 on each ear, one on my upper ear. At one point I really wanted the eyebrow one, but liver failed me. Ok some people will say I am female, fine. So 2 of my brothers have pierced ears, one doesn’t wear his anymore (will check if the holes are still there lol), the other still does. The one who still does wears his more on weekends, but the holes are still there on weekdays ????… p.s He is a Manager at a Big 4 Consulting firm.
It is not by pierced ears ooo but me and you know the country we operate in. My 2 kobo

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