On Personal Messages Sent to Me

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I will like to thank those who send positive messages my way and apologise
for not being able to reply most messages sent to me. Due to the sheer
volume, replying them would mean not being able to meet other important
personal and work obligations (not got an Assistant yet ??). I just found a
backlog of messages that had been filtered from last year and this year so
I never saw them till now. Unfortunately, I am unable to respond to most as
it will take days maybe even weeks. To make up, I try to read all messages
and then provide articles and resources on issues that I notice there is a
demand for. I also contribute to discussions as much as I can manage.

I would also like to appeal to majority who keep sending me messages to
either review their CVs, send them a CV template, find them/their family a
job or request detailed HR or Career advise. A few people have gone ahead
to reprimand me, some insult me for not responding to their messages. Do
understand that to manage my time, I do not respond to such messages else I
will be on facebook for weeks replying messages. It is selfish for anyone
to think they are entitled to my time, even as a favour as I am free to
determine if or who I grant favours to. However, if you wish to formally
engage my professional services, do contact Kendor Consulting, rest
assured, you will be responded to promptly??.

Please also note that it is faster to get a response by posting your
messages to the group. There are a lot of seasoned professionals here who
can help you and I will probably contribute to the discussion at some
point. If you choose to post anonymously, please send me or any moderator
your message stating your request for anonymity. I am happy to post
messages to the group anonymously on any member’s behalf.

Notwithstanding, a big thank you goes out to all the moderators and all the
wonderful members that contribute positively to the group. Have a great

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