On Passion

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Still using the word passionate loosely? Think again. Never use the word passion if you are not prepared to die. Passion is Sacrifice; Passion is Costly, Passion Kills. Passion is a Do or Die. Passion is what you Do
before you Die. Passion is what you devote your time and energy to.

Passion is not talk. Passion is deed.

Passion is different things to different people. Some it is work, others it is ministry, some it is family, others it is sports. People have died in the pursuit of all these things.

Leave those who act passionately alone, stop discouraging them when you see them killing themselves. Find your own passion worth dying for. What keeps you alive should be what kills you. If in doubt, and you are a Christian, ask Jesus. The Passion of Christ led to His crucifixion.

No sacrifice, no death, no suffering, no passion. Not everyone likes to suffer, but passion involves suffering with purpose. If you are not ready to pay the price, please desist from using the word passion. Try interested, try enthusiast, drop passionate.

Passionate people are not always nice either; their passion is a roller coaster of emotions that manifests in other emotional states such as anger and frustration with anything acting as a barrier to their mission.

Passion requires a huge investment in time and money, Passion is costly, Passion Kills. Any passionate people still left?

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  1. Patience

    Yes I am still passionate. It is true that sometimes it gets frustrating and emotional because of barriers one can not help but I am determined to keep pushing!!!


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