On Health…What is going on?

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Even when your situation appears bad, there are always other people that
are worse off, remembering that.

It’s November tomorrow and I can think of so many people today that are no
longer with us.

Just like that, they are no more.

As our annual HR Bootcamp Conference draws nigh, I wonder how many that
attended the last one are no more. I know of 1 for sure, she passed on in
February of cancer, but there are probably more.

Last week, I heard of another lady, a senior management staff of a bank who
passed on from cancer. She was a thriving high flyer with a young family. A
few weeks earlier, another employee passed on from a cardiac arrest, he was
hypertensive, and he was only 41. A few months earlier, an employee of a
client firm committed suicide, asides reporting a strained relationship
with her boss, no one knows why she resorted to suicide, and she was not
even 30. I could go on and on with examples.

These days, whenever I am on social media, I come across profiles of people
who are no more. People I once knew. Even speaking about them in past tense
is difficult. To think that their chapter has ended is something I still
grapple to come to terms with. When I also look at the causes of their
demise, it’s mostly if not all, health related.

Is this just life as it is? Are these cases more common or am I just more
aware? I really can’t say.

What is going on?

Are we really paying attention to telltale signs on health challenges that
employees are facing? Physical health is easier to diagnose but what about
mental health? Being sad is a normal emotion but prolonged sadness and
suicidal thoughts are not. What proactive measures can be taken?

If you or your organisation is ready to support making a difference in this
area of wellness, do get in touch. If you are a health management
organisation, health centre, hospital or just someone or organisation that
wants to support a cause that tackles health challenges, be it cancer,
hypertension, diabetes, depression, fibroids, infertility as long as it is
health related please get in touch. We can help millions if we choose to
but let’s even just aim to help 10 employees to start with.

Doing something small is better than doing nothing at all.

You’ve been planning to help other people and haven’t gotten round to it
all year. This is your opportunity.

And by the way, this year’s HR Bootcamp Conference is tagged ‘Fit for the
Future: Wellness and Social Impact’. Let’s be there for others and truly
believe that it is in giving, we receive.

Adora Ikwuemesi, Founder HR Bootcamp Conference

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