On gratitude and grace

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I don’t know how else to say this so I will just say it as it comes…

Some of you don’t know that I am living by pure grace (story for another
day). But this post is not about me, but about special people. The people
who reach out to you like angels and follow through on their good

So yesterday morning, I got 2 calls back to back. Both from people,
sponsoring other people to attend our #6thhrbootcamp conference. The first
call was after a Whatsapp message that left me speechless, it read, ‘will
like to sponsor 5 LinkedIn connections starting/transitioning careers in

The second was a call from another connection here on LinkedIn. He’s not
even in HR, he’s a financial controller, never even met the guy, he said ‘I
just paid for someone to attend the conference, I would have come myself
but will be out of town.’

There are many more examples of the friends and connections out there that
have helped me personally and the causes I drive in practical ways. I won’t
mention names but you know who you are. I am saying a BIG thank you to you.

To our speakers, delegates, partners and supporters, words can never
express my gratitude for your support. It’s pure grace.

#wellness #socialimpact #6thhrbootcamp #fitforthefutureThese days I ask
myself, ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’ They say no, and so what next?

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