On Finding Your Happy Place

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Over the years, as my business grew I increasingly struggled with work, the truth is, I started to hate my job.

I know hate sounds like a strong word but it is true.

When you start to hate the very thing you started out of passion then you know something is wrong, very wrong. It took some soul searching to realise that what happened gradually over the years with business growth was, I evolved from being a pretty good HR Consultant to a frustrated Office Administrator.

I loved the purpose of the business which has always been about developing people and organisations, what I was struggling with was everything else; managing the actual business operations, the day to day, the staffing.

For someone who is a consultant at heart, work was not fun anymore.

If you are a creative person, you will understand. We are big picture people, we create, we envision, we innovate, we don’t do detail.

This year, I realised life is too short to be stuck in the wrong role. I am back to my core, back to helping people and organisations learn and grow, back where I belong. Back in class, speaking more, engaging clients more, writing more and learning more.

Let me stay in my happy place where I can add the most value. Let me do me, as I encourage you to, do you!

Find your happy place and stay in it.
Never depart from it, as therein lies your super power.

My happy place is in a gathering of people, helping them learn and grow,

Where is yours?

Your thoughts?

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