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I first came across the words ‘Die Empty’ in 2003. The words appeared in book I was reading at the time, ‘Discover Your Hidden Treasures’ by Dr Sola Fola-Alade.

A lot of people get uncomfortable when they hear the word DIE, something about the finality of it is discomforting for most. The fact remains, we are all going to DIE anyway, and I rather DIE EMPTY.

Les Brown puts it this way; “The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were way shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, or determined to carry out their dream.”

Infact, all the actions that were never taken are in the graveyard. All the unexecuted plans, untravelled adventures, unfulfilled promises, all the things put off till tomorrow.

Just imagine if all the people that inspire us held back and never shared their gifts and dreams with us. Imagine if Mark Zuckerberg had never invented Facebook, you may never have read this.

To DIE EMPTY is to DIE poor, dirt poor, emptying yourself of all that has been deposited and developed in you by way of talent, gift, knowledge, skills, your hidden treasures.

All of us have something unique about us by way of Talent. We are all good at something or do better at something than the average person. We are all endowed with different gifts.

Your gift will bring you joy, afterall that’s what gifts do, they make us happy. However, your gift is not for you to keep, it remains a gift to be shared with the world around you, regift it. Your gift shared will give
others inspiration and hope in a much needed way.

Everything gifted to you and all you have in you, give it back. Be generous with it. It’s of no use to you in the graveyard and cannot be extracted from you once you are dead. Live full, by leaving it all on this earth. DIE EMPTY.

Copyright, Adora Ikwuemesi, September 24, 2017

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