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1. Alex, White, Female, 27 
2 Sophie, Asian, Female, 44, just earned a degree
3. Nicholas, White, Male, 25 
4. Elaine, White, Female, 52, turned a grandma on the job, no degree 
5. Choudry, Asian, Male, 21 
6. Adora, African, Female, 22

These 6 people constituted the IT Help Desk team on my first job. Aside Alex the team lead, all roles were entry level requiring 0 to 2 yrs experience.

Please, before we close our minds and say it can’t work in Nigeria, as this was ‘in the abroad’ let’s stop for a split second and imagine.

Let’s look around us and think of people in our lives that fall into these age ranges, who are seeking career growth or change and have the zeal and aptitude to learn. For a split second, let’s think how it can actually work.

If we think it cannot work then it won’t work.

I for one, know it can work. It works in the firms that give it a chance, who are open to it.

Nigeria already has a young demography. If we left things to market forces, without age criteria, we will still have more millennials in the workforce.

The best team I ever worked for in Nigeria was a diverse team. I thought I had it good coming from a young tech firm, till I worked with over 50 year olds and it was such a delight.

Tomorrow it will be us being discriminated against. We will be too old, too fat or too round-faced.

Do you think it can work? Please share if you do.


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