My Work

Here,  I give you insights into some of the things I will be doing with my time

My Work

Projects. Initiatives. Plans. Pursuits

The following are a number of projects and initiatives I plan to work on during the course of the year 2020 and beyond.

  • Change your Career Workshops: These are online and offline workshops for anyone who seriously wants to change or jumpstart their career lives.
  • For Women Only! These are online and offline career sessions targeted at women, single and married. The aim is to enhance and develop their career lives. I will also be hosting a number or corporate and open sessions focussed around women.
  • HR Professional Group Coaching Sessions: I will be coaching and mentoring during the course of the year. My focus will be on developing them to be high performing HR professionals and HRPreneurs.
  • Kendor Foundation: A not-for- profit organisation I founded in 2014 It’s focus is on learning and developing initiatives that solve macroeconomic issues like unemployment and underemployment.  I am hoping to link its focus to SDG development goals. I am hoping to improve its structure so that it can live to fulfilling its mission.
  • Kendor Consulting: A HR consulting firm I founded in 2009. This year my focus for it will be on setting its 10 year direction, stabilising its management and digital transformation. I will also be spending my time working with businesses that focus on digital and technology based solutions. I shall be working closely with a select few of technology firms on an advisory level. I will formally join the boards of a few of such firms. I will also be very open to partnership opportunities and sealing a number of them this year.  The partnerships will focus on business development and growth.
  • Delivering Happiness: I will be seeking some new ways of implementing happier workplaces were people and organisations thrive. these will be more fun related, so look out for such,
  • St Michael’s Trust Foundation: This is a not-for- profit I founded 2 years ago.  It’s goals and focus are on supporting women living with uterine fibroids, by providing them with superior data and insights to help them choose and manage the best options for their treatment. I plan to host at least 2 events in 2020.
  • HR Bootcamp Conference: This year’s focus will be on restructuring its business model and governance structure to ensure its sustainability and fulfilment as an accelerator and incubator of innovative paradigms within the HR community locally and internationally. The new structure will need a lot of volunteers so do get in touch if this is you. For more information, visit
  • Personal Development Projects: I shall personanally be embarking on several training  and development programmes on both technical IT skills and Leadership and Influencing Skills, wish me luck!
  • Last and in no way least but just because I have to save the best for last. I plan to enjoy this all with the love and support  of my family. I will be exploring better and more ways of improving our lives and relationships.

So, this is a lot of it, so help me God. At the end of the day, so be it, only if it is the will of God.  Thank you for reading,

If you will like to know more about any of these initiatives or will like to partner with me or volunteer your time and services, please reach out via