My Word For The Year 2019

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At the beginning of the year, I shared a Year Compass Planner designed to help us plan our year. It just occurred to me that I didn’t update you with my findings, so here it goes…

I enjoyed the exercise. I got stuck a few times but pushed through. I got my word for the year, yay! I encourage everyone to do theirs. Thinking through things was liberating, although reflecting was hard.

My 2018 ended up being a funny one which although had some challenging events, I all of a sudden had a block out that appears as though I had just 2 main events last year. I mean what else could compare to birthing my son? Then writing my book? Thank God. Yes, I know there were other events that took place but these 2 meant the most to me. On the business side, I failed miserably, not the business, me in the business. God’s grace and spousal support were my greatest pillars in the gloomy times. I thank God for his mercy.

My word for the year 2019 is THRIVE…in important aspects of my life. I don’t want to just survive, but thrive and I shall be diving right in, consolidating my efforts from the last 10 years.

My sincere wishes to all my family, friends and network. Remember, you were ‘Born to THRIVE’. Let’s do this?

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