My Thoughts On Quiet Quitting

by | Aug 31, 2022 | General | 1 comment

Quietquitting the latest buzzword sounds to me like disengaged employees, which is nothing new in HR. How feasible is it to be fully engaged 9 to 5 and then switch off completely after 5 pm? Unlikely to happen if you were truly engaged in your work. More likely to happen if you were never really connected to work.
Quiet quitting can very well be a strategy or a coping mechanism for some who feel overworked. If there is one thing I have learned in life, it is that people are different. People have their reasons for their decisions and it’s valid. If you are great at compartmentalising, it can very well work for you.
As for me, I never would want to quiet quit, that’s not the life for me. I rather quit loudly by resigning and spend the rest of my life finding meaningful work. In fact, I have been tempted several times and even attempted once to quiet quit. It just didn’t work, I had to leave, I am not good at holding myself back. I don’t do half-measures. I am either in or out. 
As for working with people who feel the need to just deliver their Job Description and nothing more between 9am to 5pm, that’s their valid choice, again, not for me. I rather work with people who enjoy their work, so much that it’s not just about work, but of something deeper and bigger than themselves.
Work-life balance by shutting down after 5pm is a myth. Work that is enjoyed or solves critical problems need not end at 5pm. Sure, we must take care of ourselves and it’s a crucial concern, but not by holding back and being less engaged with work. 
For many, a fundamental part of happiness, fulfillment and purpose is being engaged in meaningful work that is more than a 9 to 5. 
I am a passionate worker, work is beyond pay or time. For me, work is a fulfillment of my purpose on earth and a place for the fullest expression of talent and contribution to life.
I want to be fully engaged at work and work with people who care deeply about contributing to causes and solving meaningful problems.
We should all find work worth engaging in than live a life of holding back. 
A fundamental priority in life should be finding the type of work that keeps us engaged, gives us purpose and fulfillment while providing us with financial stability.
And if we can’t? Be kind to yourself, resign and quit loudly. 
Your thoughts?
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  1. Eke Ewang

    I totally agree with this write-up. Why quit quietly, when you can do it loudly.

    I once worked at a place where i wasn’t happy but i couldn’t disengage because I don’t like being associated with poorly produced work. When i eventually left, people were confused because they had penned me down as the one person who would never leave the organization because of the amount of energy i brought into the work.

    Thanks for sharing.


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