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Everything of significance that will happen to you in life, will happen with or through someone else, not alone.

A friend called me up to get my opinion on her thoughts around attending conferences and training events. She said she noticed she had lost interest and she didn’t think she learned much from them anymore.

I knew exactly how she felt because I experienced the same thing but explained to her why she must keep going.

Firstly, do note, your first conference may be your best one. It’s like an epiphany, an awakening of sorts. If you haven’t attended a well planned conference, please do so for the experience.

I explained to her that these days I attend to learn one thing. It could be one concept or one technique or a solution to just one problem. If I get more, that’s brilliant, but learning one thing is good enough. It signifies a return on investment and I am happy for that, as there’s no investment that beats an investment in knowledge. It indeed pays the best interest.

Secondly, and maybe most importantly, is to network. Build external networks. Everything of significance that will happen to you in life, will happen with or through someone else, not alone. Any big feat, will happen with other humans, whether it’s with family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances. Other people will be involved.

Many things you need in life will be provided by someone else. No man is an island. The more people you have that you can call upon or can support you in life, the easier your tough times will be.

The wider your circle of influence, the easier tackling life’s obstacles will be.

It’s important to invest time in forming and nurturing relationships internally and externally. Within your family and outside your family. Within your organisation and outside your organisation.

With that said, let me drop it here for my friends and associates, let’s make it a date on December 7-8, at Oriental Hotel, VI, Lagos.

After the hiatus, my team and I at Kendor, are back live to host the 10th HR Bootcamp conference. Setting the next course of action for pace-setting HR professionals and people managers.

This year’s theme is aptly titled ‘HR3.0: Reimagine Work, Reinvent HR’

Where would you rather be?

It’s not always easy meeting up throughout the year. For me, it’s an opportunity to catch up with many of my favourite people at the same time.

And of course wrap up 2022 on a high note, with a clear plan for 2023.

Your thoughts in attending events?

PS: There are many reasons, I can think of 10 why you should attend the 10th HR Bootcamp conference.

To find out why and register visit

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