My Doctoral Pilot Study

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Today, I received the results for my doctoral programme pilot study and so happy to have passed. Many people may not know that I am a full time research scholar. Yes, in addition to all my other duties; leading a team at work, being a wife and mother to young children at home.

Some people ask me how I do it? Well firstly, my study is applied research which is very much tied to my work. I chose a topic I am interested in, ‘Enhancing Work Engagement in Remote Work’ and the knowledge is useful to me, my team as well as my clients.

Secondly, I thank God for a great support system at home and at work; my husband is my number 1 cheerleader and I am blessed with a great team of colleagues at work.

I wanted to share today really because I am happy at the progress but more importantly to encourage anyone who is thinking of starting any programme or business. Just start. A year from now, you will wish you had started today.

All the best.

Your thoughts?

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