Managers will always Earn More

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There’s a remark I hear often by people earlier on in their careers, it borders around the feeling that their manager doesn’t do much work or doesn’t know how to do the work as well they do, but undeservedly earns more.

First of all, let me set this record straight. Those who know why will always earn more than those who know how. Those who create, think and solve problems will always earn more than those who consume and imitate. Those who lead and plan will also earn more than those who execute the plan.

Your manager does not need to know how to do your job to be your manager. The most effective leaders manage relationships and not technicalities. They spend their time thinking and planning and ensuring other people get the work done.

Because every team needs a leader, and the average employee needs to be managed, and some micromanaged, that in itself is a lot of work.

The other day, my 4 yr old said, ‘Mummy, I want to be a builder like Mikky (her dad), I said, ‘Great! So what does mummy do?’ She said, ‘Mummy goes to the office and tells people what to do, and talks about HR and Career.’ O well!

Now I have cleared that one up, just imagine all the work your manager does. When you are snoring at night, they are awake planning and strategizing. You get to sleep, they don’t.
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