Life is in Phases

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This was me at dusk just before the boat moved at 7am. Today’s team building session was with a leadership team of a multinational.Their office reminded me of an interview at Nokia UK. I was 22 years old and I didn’t even want to attend the interview😁.

The recruiter tried to convince me to give it a try. I was reluctant when I found out it would be a 2 hour commute each way. My research revealed that the commute would be so untidy. I would have to take 2 buses and change trains twice. I told myself that I’d never punish myself in that way. I eventually psyched myself to at least go for the adventure. So, last minute I agreed to go to the interview.

I left early, crossed the hurdles and finally arrived Farnborough Station. The last leg was a bus ride from the station to the Nokia office. The bus service was infrequent so I decided to take a cab and arrive in style. It was an adventure as I knew in my mind I wouldn’t take the job.

On getting there, I met the biggest revolving doors I had ever seen. As I entered through it, I could see that it led right into a large foyer. As I came out on the other side I started to pray that my fortunes be turned around. I begged God to give me this job of a lifetime. I promised God that if he could just give me this job, I would never sin again.

A lady from HR greeted me and led me to a waiting room. She said she’d let the interviewers know I had arrived. When I heard the door open, I looked up to see these 2 gorgeous men enter the room. They both wore long sleeve jeans shirts and chinos. Surely these couldn’t be my colleagues, I thought. Perhaps they were models visiting the marketing team. Again I kept praying in my mind, ‘God, give me this job.’

They took me on a tour of the office as I tried to contain my excitement. We walked passed the cafe filled with yummy muffins and croissants. Then we walked by the 2 restaurants one outdoor and one indoor. Then they took me to view the sauna, the  gym and 21 floors of car parking. Then we discussed, flexitime, frequent travel and all the exciting projects I would be working on. All I kept praying was, ‘God give me this job.’

And God did.

That was so long ago now, priorities change in life. At 22 it’s a beautiful office. These days, I appreciate the beautiful offices but I don’t want to work in them. I am happy being a visiting professor😀.

I appreciate the perks and association, the prestige, the money, the brands, the benefits, but I value my family, my time, my hopes and my dreams.

Life is in phases. Priorities change. Happiness is fleeting with the ebbs and flows of life. Joy is more like it, a far more lasting kind.

Will it matter in 5 years?

Today, I just want to be healthy and make a positive difference. Drama free and family friendly.

I want to be a good role model for my children and support my partner. I want to keep being the super hero my daughter is convinced I am, whenever I make sweets disappear and appear.

Life indeed is in phases.

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