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So, I was listening to a Brian Tracy video on hiring and keeping the right people. Like Jim Collins in his book Good to Great, he said the most important thing in building a team was to get the right people on the bus, next was getting them in the right seats.
What if you already have the wrong people on the bus? He advised to get them off, fast.
Then out of no where, he uttered ‘good people are free’. The antenna of my ear went up. He had only just said good people were hard to find and quoted Peter Ducker to have said, ‘the only thing you are sure to get in abundance is incompetence.’ So what did he now mean by good people were free? The video stopped playing as my internet connection was weak.
And when my connection came back, he clarified. Good people cost nothing and actually give the company much more because the value they bring always far exceeds their cost. He went on to add that incompetent staff were very costly as they don’t bring enough value to cover their costs to the company.
So, great people are not free, they are infact a blessing in abundance. They make rich and add no sorrow😃.
And when you get them, treat them well and develop them, so they stay. Like rare gems, they are really hard to find.
So whatever we do, be of value, be a blessing, give more than you take.
That’s the best we can be for ourselves and any organisation we work for.
Remain blessed.
Your thoughts?
© Adora Ikwuemesi
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